Inspirational Women to Action CIC

Inspirational Women to Action CIC is a charity in Manchester, who are dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged women and work tirelessly to better the lives of women and their families, from all ages and backgrounds. 

History Of Inspirational Women to Action CIC

Inspirational women to Action is an inborn organisation. This is because of the CEO Eppi's, childhood it has been her passion to help other people to visit the sick, support the lonely and make sure everyone is comfortable. yes she could have not changed the whole World but she can change somebody's world.

Inspirational women caters for women and their families, Our passion is to see women arising and supporting one another, lifting when another when down, talking to each other not about each other, fixing each other's crown without talking about it, help them to grow up and be inspirational. 

When Eppie came to England it motivated her more to make sure she come to fulfill the journey, this was not easy as it was full of some pot holes, hiccups, bent roads and equally slippery but the existence of IWTA fought it's way out.

For the past 14 years Eppie has been working so hard to see it's manifestation, she started a small fellowship where it was just her and her sister. During the course of it they were joined by their cousin and a friend whom they developed a very close relationship. From there, Eppie formulated a Monday Fellowship where women gather and share their experiences and learn from each other. These meetings have dispelled a lot of stigma and build up their confidence and some have successfully graduated from various universities. These meetings have empowered and encouraged others too to do something for the community. 

Women of various backgrounds have come for solace *listened to* counselling, sign supporting, advice, information and guidance. We have heard amazing testimonials of women who have taken a step and come out of their cocoon. As a Chrity we also have free events for the public which our dedicated team has worked hard to finance them and make them successful. Some of these women have liberated women from the longstanding these events we raised awareness on domestic violence, subtleness of spiritual abuse, signs of abuse, team building tea and coffee and cakes.

From a small scale to a larger scale we have seen IWTA growing tremendously until at the point last year 2017 when IWTA was successfully and officially launched. Early this year IWTA was registered as CIC charity.

Our Values

Inclusive and Diverse: Welcoming and Non-Judgemental 

Worthiness: Respect and Dignity Always 

Transparent: Quality and Integrity

Action-Engage: Empower and Educates

Our Mission

Benefit women and their families, and better the quality of their lives by providing inclusive well-being services.

Our Vision

Deliver excellent services to increase women's confidence skills and talents, so they can be the best they can be.

Our Team

Epiphania Muranda-Odunlami

Epiphania Muranda-Odunlami - Founder and CEO

Epiphania Muranda-Odunlami is the founder and CEO of Inspirational Women to Action CIC. She is also the founder of Purposeful Women, which has been consistently held in her house every Monday. Eppie graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Diagnostic Radiography from University of Salford. Eppie is currently working as an interventional and fluoroscopy radiographer.

Eppie's passion came from a personal experience of emotional, spiritual, and financial abuse. Going through emotional abuse, especially in a foreign country faraway from her comfort zone was traumatic, however, Eppie fought her way through as she had a dream and vision to fulfil. Eppie is very passionate in working with vulnerable people. She works with the abused, lonely, segregated, victimised, the sick, the disadvantaged, and those unreachable in the community, and likes to see people treated fairly with love, respect, and dignity.

Her perpetual compassion for helping women and their families suffering from domestic violence was triggered by her own experiences. Eppie is moved by how society labels women without husbands ‘single mothers’, especially with the cultural and social challenges women suffer from. The stigmatisation in some cultures can be surreal, many women are still suffering in silence as they fear to be labelled, as many can often be labelled as ‘mad’ or ‘rebellious’ because they now have a voice and have decided to speak up about mistreatment. These detrimental labels have made it difficult for abused women to speak up, arise, cope with self-esteem, and build confidence, as they become accustomed to abuse. They feel powerless and lose their sense of identity.

It has been Eppie's desire to encourage, empower, educate, engage, and change the lives of women. She strives to dispel the stigma in some cultural societies and fight fear of the unknown. Eppie strongly believes if you don't ask, the answer is always ‘no’, and it's better to speak up. Even if 99% of people don’t listen, there is always, always one person that will. That is where Inspirational Women to Action CIC comes in, we listen with sensitivity and do not judge.

Eppie is a wife to Adewale Odunlami, and a mother to three blessed children.

Farisayi Knott

Farisayi Knott

Farisayi Knott is a wife and mother of two children, one of which has sadly passed away. She has been working in the NHS for 16 years as a mental health nurse, and her passion is seeing individuals achieving balanced spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing through essential support


Rudo Shongedza

Rudo Shongedza is married and has three children. She a qualified Social Worker. I currently hold the position of Secretary in IWATA.

I have a wealth of experience working with vulnerable people from all walks of life and have a passion for supporting them during challenging times. l try to bring the best out of them by providing relevant information and linking them to appropriate services that are available. I really enjoy being part of this great team.


Mutyora Mutyora

Melissa is originally from Zimbabwe and has two children, Tawana and Anashe. She has particular expertise in empowering and motivating women to make a difference to their lives through creativity, leadership and positive thinking. She joined the team in 2013 operating as an Administrator with a beneficial background knowledge of community based support service provisions from many different sectors, and of quality standards and inspection criteria. Melissa holds Degrees in Person Centred Counselling, Health and Social Care and currently working towards completing a Master of Social Work Degree. Melissa works as a Care Act Advocate within Greater Manchester.

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